The top 3 motorcycle trips Europe 

The top 3 motorcycle trips Europe

If it’s a ride towards your local grocer or just a ride to the cafe. Any trip by motorcycle is a worthwhile one. But in this Top 3 Motorcycle trips Europe we will go overrides that are just a little bit further around the block.

Al three trips that made the list are once that you can extend for longer periods. Most are hard to do in just two weeks and if so you’ll miss out a lot on the small things so I advise you to take it easy but of course on those twisty alpine roads to open her up and let it rip.

Without further ado let us dive into this shortlist and get planning for our new adventure!



 Corsica, France

Corsica is a beautiful French island located in the Mediterranean. The landscapes are breath-taking and you will never forget a motorcycle tour in Corsica, trust me!

In summer, the destination is in some places very touristic and the temperatures are also quite hot. But it is also a period where the environment is really amazing.

To access Corsica you can take a ferry from Marseille in France or Genova in Italy.

springing out of the foaming Mediterranean like an impregnable fortress, Corsica resembles a miniature continent, with astounding geographical diversity. Within half an hour’s drive, the landscape ranges from glittering bays, vibrant coastal cities and fabulous beaches to sawtooth mountain ridges, verdant valleys, dense forests, and time-forgotten hilltop villages. Holidays in Corsica offer tremendously varying opportunities: from hiking and canyoning to snorkeling and sunbathing, enjoying a leisurely boat trip, delving into the island’s multifaceted history and sampling local delicacies. When you have tasted all that Corsica has to offer you can also add one more island to your trip. With the distance only 12 kilometers between Corsica France and Sardinia Italy you can add one more country to your list of visited countries and expect real Italian delicacies.


For the exact GPX files and Google Maps routes hit the link in the last paragraph


Photo by Kévin Langlais on Unsplash




The Balkans

Cramming in more history, culture and spectacular scenery than seems entirely reasonable for its size, the Balkans is one of Europe’s most intriguing regions.

Great Outdoors Rocky mountains and twisty tar roads plunge spectacularly into crystal-clear waters all along the Adriatic coast. Among all the crowded beach resorts, Croatia’s myriad islands provide some nooks of quiet seclusion, while Albania’s less-visited riviera still has donkeys wandering through olive groves abutting secluded bays. Craggy mountain ranges stretch along the entire region, offering endless opportunities for hiking, biking, rock climbing, and paragliding and motorcycling. In their shadows are rowable lakes, raft able rivers and scramble-able canyons. all in al one amazing destination to visit by motorcycle.


For the exact GPX files and Google Maps routes go to the link in the bottom.


Photo by Shant Dem on Unsplash


Tour the alps 

Maybe the biggest trip of them all this one will total around 6000km of the finest roads Europe has to offer. you’ll hit 6 different countries and travel over 50 of the alps most beautiful passes.

Pretty much all the big and most amazing roads in Europe lay in the alps region. from the world, Famous Grossglockner to the Furka Pass and Stelvio Pass.on this trip the highest elevation you’ll reach is 2,757 this combined with endless twists and hairpin bends is the ideal playground for any motorcyclist.

Depending on what direction you’ll approach the alps the starting point is different but the route goes into a circle ending almost always where you started.

If it is fast twisty mountain roads you want nothing can beat the passes in the alps. One of the best on this trip is Passo Stalle it is a lesser-known single lane road that opens one way every 30 minutes. When you time it right you can spend on either end of the pas in a very cold glacier lake before racing to the top. This leads us to the only thing that is important to get the most out of this alpine trip and that is timing. If you do it wrong you’ll never be able to open that throttle wide open.

Keep in mind that 120 million tourists visit this region every year so you are not the only one wanting to enjoy the beauty of this region. For us motorcycle riders this can be very annoying because most people travel by big Dreamliner bus or camper vans that are tryingly slow up and down the mountain, So timing is key !!

As I found out the best way to do it is to sleep close to the pass. Starting early is critical when most tourists are still on one ear in bed or brushing their teeth you already want to be on the road. By doing you’ll be sure to be unhindered when riding up the pass. Depending on what section you are on you can do 2 passes in one day or do one and then ride up to the next and save it for the next morning. If you can manage 2 in one day then the best time is to do the second is in the evening just an hour before dark is enough. By this time most people and bus drivers are already down the maintenance and you are pretty much the only cat on the road.

In the Top 5 motorcycle trips, I have taken you from the Wild Atlantic coast over the alpine mountain tops and over to the warm waters of the Mediterranean. This sums up the top five motorcycle trips in Europe. If you would like to have the GPX or Google Maps files of any routes motioned then hit the link get it there.


Let me think what you think of the Top 3 Motorcycle trips Europe and leave a comment below.


Still not decided on what trip to take this year? Check out the link for more inspiration


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