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Are you interested in discovering a country off the beaten tracks that are hard to surpass in terms of versatility and beauty? Then come and discover the West African Togo with us and the local Enduro Champion at your side.

Pure Adventure Tours is a company that can offer you an unforgettable adventure trip in Togo, Africa. With a qualified team, good equipment and the most varied routes, we can show you one of the most beautiful ways to get to know a country – on two wheels.

The variety of routes and their nature (Panorama) is as great as that of its people and the culture of the country. You will get to know Togo in a very unusual way and gain a lot of experience, especially on the motorcycle. With us you can book tours that have already been created or you can provide us with your own personal goals and destinations so that we create a custom tour for you.

Our Motorcycles

We chose the KTM 450 EXC-F because it is an excellent off-road motorcycle, which guarantees riding pleasure on any surface.
At around 110 kg, the motorcycle is very light and easy to handle for the rider. Our motorcycles are equipped with larger tanks and softer seats to make the trip easier for our guests. Most of the luggage is stored in a service car which accompanies us on the trip. This allows us to carry only small luggage (Mosko Moto Reckless 10 l System) on the bike. The motorcycles are perfectly suited and tested for a wide variety of tours and routes.


Planned trips

North tour – Duration 7 days +- depending on group – Riding level; Any

Category: AsphaltDirt

  1. From Lomé to Kara by car
  2. From Kara to Defale
  3. From Defale to Mango
  4. From Mango to Pligou
  5. From Pligou to Dapaong
  6. From Dapaong back to Kara

After arriving in Kara by car we have the opportunity to visit the local elephant station. The next morning we start our trip through the savannah and make our way up to the north of the country. There is also a beautiful vantage point in Defale with a Jesus statue that is reminiscent of Rio de Janeiro. Furthermore, we can search for hippos in Mango and visit the Caves du Nok further north.

The northern tour is characterized by breathtaking trips and routes through the savannah.


South tour – Duration 7 days +- depending on group – Riding level; Any


Category: AsphaltDirt


  1. From Lomé to Kpalime
  2. From Kpalime to Badou
  3. From Badou to Assoukoko
  4. From Assoukoko to Atakpame
  5. From Atakpame to Lome

The journey starts in Lomé. And leads over beautiful off-road routes through the green mountains of the Voltas area near the Ghana border to Kpalime. In the region, the routes lead past waterfalls, old colonial buildings, local villages and through the West African tropical forest.

The region offers an extraordinary variety of routes for enduro hiking – you can choose more physically and technically demanding routes via single tracks, as well as easier off-road slopes and asphalt roads.

It should be noted that The Togo Moto Club organizes the annual International Enduro of Kpalime, which is known far beyond the borders of Togo.

The nights can either be spent in hotels (upper or middle class) or in outdoor camps prepared by our Team.

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