Trips any motorcyclist should have done once

You say you have seeing everything on two wheels?

You have being to the alps not just once but numerous times? Here are some trips that any motorcyclist should have done once in their life. Don’t give me that i don’t have time!! You make time for this! It will open your mind, slow you down and let you appreciate the little things in life!

Black Forest Germany 

If you think Germany is only worthwhile visiting in October to drink a lot of beers you would be dead wrong. in the southwestern part of Germany lyes the black forest.

It got its name from the general dark color of the numerous pine trees that grow in this region. throughout the region, there are more thrilling roads to ride than you can imagine. The tarmac is in superb condition for the most part, and the undulating terrain sees you rising up the thickly wooded mountains before falling once again into huge valleys that appear through the treeline out of nowhere.

The best thing about this route? It can easily be tagged on to a longer tour around Europe, and you definitely won’t regret heading through the Black Forest. One of my favorite ways to get to the Alps is to head through Belgium to the Ardennes, along the picturesque Mosel Valley and down into the Black Forest. It will add a day-or-so on to your travel time, but by doing this you make the journey to the destination just as good as the destination itself.

For the exact GPX files and Google Maps routes hit the link in the last paragraph.

Photo by Micaela Parente on Unsplash



The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

Modern life trains us as tourists to see more and spend more in the fastest way possible, I’d urge you to take a breath and slow down for this one.

Irelands west coast is one of Europes few bastions of wild, unspoiled areas full of ancient history and tradition left in western Europe, the Alps, Pyrenees, Picos, Northern Scotland and Scandinavia being its only real rivals.

Being wild and underdeveloped it is it’s a charm, the empty rugged nature is why you should visit the Wild Atlantic Way. just one thing to keep in mind when planning your visit is if you want to stay in popular towns like Dingle or Killarney you should book way in advance.

unless you’re planning of riding a month on the road don’t try to see it all in one trip. It’s best to split it into two sections, the southern section, Kinsale to Killary Harbour, and the northern section being Killary to Mallin Head and Derry.


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For the exact GPX files and Google Maps routes hit the link here.


Photo by Claire Bissell on Unsplash

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