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Just six hours flight from Europe, Togo is the adventure motorcyclist dream destination!


Let’s venture into this incredible country that is called Togo. We will venture of the beaten track and marked out paths, sleep in the bush and travel many kilometers off-road.

Arriving in Lome, Togo you head dead north. You navigate your way through the southwestern part of Togo and handrail the Ghanian border. By doing so, the route will take you over the Chaîne du Togo mountain range. They are compised of many lush green mountain peaks with some peaks reaching up to 960 meters. Trough these mountains there are many dirt tracks that will lead you further north.

North of the Mountains, there is undulating savannah, creased by the broad, meandering valley of the Oti River, a tributary of the River Volta, which flows through Lake Volta and into the Gulf of Guinea in Ghana.

Crossing this river will be a nice challenge, of course, you want to do it in style either by traditional canoe or attempt a river crossing at its shallowest point.

Further north lies the Ouatchi Plateau. This plateau is about 30 kilometers wide and located at an altitude of 90 meters above sea level. Terre de Barre is another name for this region, in use because of the reddish leached soil which is rich in iron. This region is especially photogenetic with its red dirt and big table mountains all around. 

Moving from the beautiful Terre de Barre you will cross our first border from Togo to Benin. On the other side of the border, we will find a National park called Parc National de la Pendjari. This park is known for its wildlife and is home to some of the last populations of big game in West Africa. The animals that call this park home are the African forest elephant, West African lion, hippopotamus, buffalo, and various antelopes of West Africa.

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