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Ever over shot a corner at speed? Or can’t figure out how to ride a fast on those mountain roads?


In this weekly recurring post we will give you some all important tips how to corner at speed and more.

The sun is out, temperatures are rising and you already looked at the top 3 motorcycle trips Europe for inspiration, good!
You are almost set to hit the road. But before you head out at mach 3, let’s talk about some more common cornering mistakes.

The most accruing cornering mistakes


Cornering in to early

The classical corner doesn’t show you the optimal riding line. Maybe there is a mountain side on your inside corner or some other thing obstructing your view. Most important is that you should not turn in to early this will move your riding line to the outside of the corner and that’s dangerous!  TIP: Before entering the corner approach it wide from the outside, start to turn in at the last moment. This way your exit is closer to the inside of the corner resulting in a faster exit.

To fast and braking to late

One other classic mistake doesn’t have to do with the riding line so much it. In this one the speed is the problem, together with the late braking. You judged the corner wrong and don’t feel confident enough to turn in at that speed. Most people apply even more brakes and try to corner it in anyway. This will always end in disaster! When you apply brakes in a corner the motorcycle will try to go straight, this is just physics. The only way to avoid this is to train yourself at cornering at faster speeds. Your brain needs to get used to the fast acceleration and deceleration in corners. Only trough practice you can build this skill.

High risk corners

These are tempting corners but they do come with a bigger risk. Because most of the road is not visible there can be a truck or motorcycle inside the corner. When cornering in the danger is around the corner but you can’t see it yet. The best way to ride those corners is to enter it wide so you can have some idea what’s up ahead. Keep your line tight and stay wide on the entry of those corners.

S Corners

If and when two corners are close to each other the rule of turning in wide apply’s double fold.
Because if moving the apex to the end of the corner you can turn in better for the second one. If you would have turned in to early you exit at the first would have given you trouble at the entree of the second.

So there you go in a nutshell cornering. If and when you find yourself to fast to furious remember this important tip; try not to brake while cornering. Commit to the corner, Push your bars so you can still make the corner.

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