Motorcycle travel; Eifel edition


The Eifel Germany

The Eifel region is a motorcycle riders paradise there are fast corners, tight hairpins, countless sweeping s corners and allot of nice scenery. Maybe more importantly for a motorcyclist from Holland (the low country’s) there are mountains to be climbed.

Just around two hundred fifty kilometers away from Amsterdam. The Eifel is ideal for a long weekend of riding.
The beautiful route’s that we will discus will lead you towards the Eifel Vulcano and the world famous Nurnberg ring.

We start our journey with a beautiful approach route that starts at the border between Germany, on the A75 at Heerlen/Bocholtz. Here is the hotel of an owner that is maybe more time on the road then he works in his hotel, Just the right place to keep as home base to explore the region. Every morning there will be fresh breakfast to keep you riding all day long. At the end of the riding day you can enjoy the outside terrace. Here you can talk over all those twists you ventured trough that day. Later in the day evening you can smell the three course diners being served. This place is the ideal place to keep as home base of that long weekend.

On the Saturday and Sunday there is enough time to ride your heart out. Day trips include the most beautiful and twisty roads that this region has to offer. The Eifel Vulcano is the ideal place where you can enjoy the most rugged nature that the Eifel has to offer. You will ride in a place where back in the day volcano’s where active, you’ll ride trough forrest around lakes and above al twisty roads. Your only stop will be on the perfect hilltops that provide an amazing panorama view of the area. Both day trips you can do in long or short version. Depending on day you can decide how you ride and how far, the shortest route is two hundred twenty kilometers and the longest is three hundred.

Not convinced the Eifel region is something for you check out Europes top 3 motorcycle routes

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