Good people, Bad people

Everywhere you go there will be good people and bad people.

Most of the time its your attitude that will determine who you will meet and how the experience will be. With that said some experiences will cast a dark cloud over you, that will stay with you until you can shed your skin and move on from that experience. It is crucial to overcome this to make good things happen again!! “Stay open, Stay positive”


A personal example of this was when I was traveling Congo, DRC. There I was rinding from the city of Boma toward Matadi just on a short section before Matadi my front tire was punctured. In the midday sun I breakout the tools and start working on the tire. The whole time I kept my headphones in while cars where passing and I waved them off to pass me. Pretty much every one in Africa wants to help when they see someone in trouble. But today I wasn’t having none of it, I needed some time to work the problem for myself. We as Europeans are not used to so many people around you trying to help. Don’t get me wrong it is very nice but sometimes tiring as well. What am i ranting about wright a person that gets to much help, come on! But some days you just feel it is too much.

Just before I finish working on the tire a SUV with tinted windows stops beside me. I try to wave them off and say i am ok. But the driver wasn’t going anywhere. Next thing I know the passenger rolls down his window and asks me of I don’t need help. At this moment i think a little chat can’t hurt no body. The gentleman in the car asked me where I was going and I told them that I was moving toward Matadi. The passenger tells me immediately that he lives in Matadi and explains that I am very welcome to stay at his house. The hospitality is incredible, just like that the next day I am swimming at his pool and having a diner like only French people can make.

In the picture some of the best people I have met !
Thanks for the hospitality phillipe and ann ! see you guys on the road !!

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